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Jim's Climbs - 1999

Last Updated: Wed Jun 09 14:25:01 BST 2004

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1st April 1999 Sea Walls, Avon Gorge, Bristol
Morpheus 240ft VD (4a,-,-,-) alt lead: WW
My first climb since I broke my thumb in a cycling accident on 7th August 1998. There was a football sized loose block at the penultimate stance, which I dislodged and it fell down the route.

1st May 1999 Boiler Slab, Gower
[Photo]Classic 19m VD (-) lead, second: DG, DG2
Dulfer 19m S (4a) lead, second: DG, DG2
Pinnacle Crack 24m VD (-) second, lead: DG, second: DG2

2nd May 1999 White Pillar, Gower
West Kante 30m S (-) lead, second: DG
Grey Slab 27m S (-) lead, second: DG

14th May 1999 A'Chioch, Sgurr a'Chaorachain, Applecross, Scotland
[Photo]Cioch Nose 135m VD [5] lead, second: DG
[Photo]Direct Finish 80ft S (-) lead, second: DG

13th June 1999 Wintour's Leap, Wye Valley
Central Rib Route I 230ft S (-,4a,4a) alt lead: DG
We did the first pitch of Central Rib Route III
[Photo]Right Hand Route [var] 330ft HS (4b,4a,4b,4a) alt lead: DG
We did the first pitch of Nibelheim (but not the semi-circular exit pitch)

17th June 1999 Wintour's Leap, Wye Valley
John's Route 200ft HS (4b,4b,-) alt lead: FW

9th July 1999 Wintour's Leap, Wye Valley
Greta 210ft HS (4b,4b,4a) lead, second: DG

20th July 1999 Goblin Combe, Avon
Esgaroth 50ft HS (4b) lead, second: DG
Saruman 60ft S (4a) lead, second: DG
The Gnome King 60ft HS (4b) lead, second: DG

19th August 1999 Trewavas Head, West Penwith, Cornwall
Bending Chimney 55ft VD top rope
Bramble 50ft VD top rope
Mouseproof 45ft S (4b) top rope

28th August 1999 Stanage Edge, Peak District
Mississippi Chimney 18m VD (-) second, lead: MB
Balcony Buttress 17m S (-) lead, second: MB
Amazon Crack 13m S (-) second, lead: MB
Martello Buttress 17m HS (-) lead, second: MB
Heaven Crack 10m VD (-) second, lead: MB
Curving Chimney 15m D (-) lead, second: MB
I lead in my Wildebeestes, Frog followed in his sandals.

29th August 1999 Stanage Edge, Peak District
Limbo 12m S (-) second, lead: MB
Tango Crack 12m VD (-) lead, second: MB
Eckhard[?]'s Arête 12m S (-) second, lead: MB
Eric's Eliminate 14m S (-) lead, second: MB
Twisting Crack 14m S (-) second, lead: MB
Aries 10m S (-) lead, second: MB

29th August 1999 Burbage North, Peak District
Green Crack 8m VD second, lead: MB
First climb in my new boots (Scarpa Helix).
[Photo]Amazon Crack 10m HS lead, second: MB
Wobblestone Crack 8m HVD second, lead: MB

4th September 1999 Idwal Slabs, Snowdonia, Wales
East Wall Girdle 175m VS (4a,-,4a,4b,4b,4b) var lead: PS

5th September 1999 Lliwedd, Snowdonia, Wales
[Photo]Route II/Red Wall/Longland's Continuation 300m S [11] var lead: PS

11th September 1999 Chudleigh Rocks, Devon
Wogs 120ft HVD second, lead: PS
Salome 50ft S (4a) lead, second: PS
Tar Baby [var] 90ft S (4a) second, lead: PS
Squirrel 60ft HS (4a) lead, second: PS
Reek 60ft HS (4b) second, lead: PS
Ashtree Buttress 50ft VD lead, second: PS
Sarcophagus 110ft VS (4b) second, lead: PS
Nexus 95ft S (4a) lead, second: PS

Total Number of Routes  43
Total Length (m) 1,603
Total Length (ft) 5,258

The Partners

Partner Name # Routes Total Length
1. PS  Paul Smith 10 668 m 2,192 ft
2. DG  Dave Gee 13 565 m 1,852 ft
3. MB  Mark Bailey 15 190 m 622 ft
4. WW  Will Wray 1 73 m 240 ft
5. DG2  Duncan Gough 3 62 m 203 ft
6. FW  Fred Willerup 1 61 m 200 ft

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