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Jim's Climbs - 1996

Last Updated: Wed Jun 09 14:25:01 BST 2004

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16th February 1996 Sea Walls, Avon Gorge, Bristol
Idleburger Buttress 80ft VD (-) lead, second: RL
Jumping Beans 70ft S (-) lead, second: RL

24th February 1996 Stob Coire Nan Lochan, Glencoe, Scotland
[Photo]Dorsal Arête [Winter] 175m II [5] var lead: MB, SF
On arriving at the narrow arête the party above us had got their rope jammed and the leader had untied(!) and soloed off. With several parties below us and dusk approaching we assisted the stranded second and then traversed left under the arête.

10th March 1996 Wintour's Leap, Wye Valley
Left Hand Route/Bacchanalian 290ft HS (4b,4a,4a,4b) lead, second: RL

4th May 1996 Dyer's Lookout, Culm Coast, Devon
Clover 110ft S[+] lead, second: MW
Choss Sticks 400ft ? [3] alt lead: SF
Sean and I effected an escape after being trapped by high tide by climbing three loose pitches.

5th May 1996 Higher Sharpnose Point, Culm Coast, Cornwall
Traverses of the slabs. Bouldering. Soloing slabs to 50ft.

6th May 1996 Gull Rock, Culm Coast, Devon
Solid Air 70ft HS (4a) lead, second: MW
Argonaut 80ft VS (4c) second, lead: MW

2nd June 1996 Sennen, West Penwith, Cornwall
Church Window 75ft VD (-,4a) alt lead: RL
I fell whilst attempting the HVS variation on the second pitch and Ruth was pulled from her stance.
Andrimne 60ft S (4a) lead, second: WW
Intermediate Route 70ft VD (-) second, lead: WW

4th June 1996 Bosigran, West Penwith, Cornwall
Bosigran Ridge 600ft VD [5] var lead: WW, second: RL

5th June 1996 Sennen, West Penwith, Cornwall
Black Slab 100ft VD (-) lead, second: RL
Staircase 60ft D (-) lead, second: RL

6th June 1996 Chair Ladder, West Penwith, Cornwall
Pegasus 180ft HS (4b,4a,4a,4b) lead, second: WW

23rd June 1996 Birchen Edge, Peak District
Porthole Direct 50ft HS (4b) lead, second: LS, MB
Captain's Crawl 50ft M solo
Monument Chimney 50ft D (-) second, lead: MB
Nelson's Slab 55ft HS (4b) lead, second: MB
Sail Chimney 50ft HVD (-) second, lead: MB
Sail Buttress 55ft HS (4b) lead, second: MB

14th September 1996 Pobbles Bay, Gower
First Slab 9m D (-) lead, second: PS
Soap Gut (?) 9m D (-) second, lead: PS
Shy Slab (?) 9m VD (-) lead, second: PS
Main Wall 11m S (-) second, lead: PS
Gwyn's Route 11m HS (-) lead, second: PS
Inbetweener 11m VD (-) solo
Left Corner 11m VD (-) solo

14th September 1996 Three Cliffs, Gower
Initiation Flake 12m S (-) second, lead: PS
Quartz Corner 16m HS (-) second, lead: PS
Spouse Crack 16m S (-) lead, second: PS

15th September 1996 King Wall, Gower
Fafnir 21m S (4a) second, lead: PS
King Route 21m VD (-) lead, second: PS
Needle Crack 21m VS (4b) second, lead: PS
Thor 21m S (4a) lead, second: PS
Balder 21m VS (5a) second, lead: PS
Vorder 21m S (4a) lead, second: PS

15th September 1996 Fall Bay Buttress, Gower
Osiris 36m VS (4c) second, lead: PS

Total Number of Routes  48
Total Length (m) 1,383
Total Length (ft) 4,536

The Partners

Partner Name # Routes Total Length
1. RL  Ruth Love 7 388 m 1,275 ft
2. SF  Sean Franks 2 297 m 973 ft
3. WW  Will Wray 4 277 m 910 ft
4. PS  Paul Smith 15 255 m 836 ft
5. MB  Mark Bailey 6 254 m 833 ft
6. MW  Mathias Willerup 3 79 m 260 ft
7. LS  Liz Stanley 1 15 m 50 ft

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