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Jim's Climbs - 1998

Last Updated: Sun Jun 29 22:29:25 BST 2008

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14th February 1998 Wintour's Leap, Wye Valley
Corner Buttress Route I 210ft VD (-,4a,-) alt lead: MB
Direct Route [var] 200ft VD (-,-,-) alt lead: MB

15th February 1998 Cheddar Gorge, Cheddar
Wind Rock: The Slab 60ft VD (-) lead, second: MB
Acid Rock: Knight's Climb 180ft D (-,-,-) alt lead: MB
High Rock: Jill 80ft S (4a) lead, second: MB
Heart Leaf Bluff: Humerus 50ft S (-) second, lead: MB

15th March 1998 Avon Gorge, Bristol
Main Area: The Arête/Original Route 230ft VD (4a) solo
Sea Walls: Sleepwalk 210ft S (4a) solo
The Amphitheatre: Botanists' Dilemma 120ft D (-) solo

21st March 1998 Dow Crag, Coniston, Lake District
Gordon and Craig's Route 300ft HVD (-,-,-,-) alt lead: MB
Murray's Route 250ft S (-,-,-) alt lead: MB

31st March 1998 Sea Walls, Avon Gorge, Bristol
Gronk 330ft VS (4c,4b,4c,4a) alt lead: WW

7th April 1998 Main Area, Avon Gorge, Bristol
Central Gully 180ft S (4a,4a) alt lead: WW

18th April 1998 Shorncliff, Wye Valley
... One For All 100ft HS (4a) second, lead: WW
... Think Of England 70ft VS (4b) lead, second: WW
The Phoney War 90ft HS (4b) second, lead: WW

2nd May 1998 Wintour's Leap, Wye Valley
Bottle Buttress 260ft VD (-,-,-,-) alt lead: DG
Left Hand Route/Bacchanalian 290ft HS (4b,4a,4a,4b) var lead: DG

2nd May 1998 St. Govan's Head, Range East, Pembroke
Cupid's Bow [var] 130ft HVS (5a) second, lead: MW
The initial moves were avoided by traversing in from the start of Flanker, where I spent some time removing an in-situ nut, believing Mathias had placed it on lead.

3rd May 1998 Stennis Head, Range East, Pembroke
[Photo]Highland Fling 60ft VS (4b) lead, second: MW, WW
Quickstep 60ft VS (4b) second, lead: MW, second: WW
[Photo]Riders on the Storm 100ft HVS (5a) second, lead: MW

3rd May 1998 Range East, Pembroke
Bosherton Head: Ocean Passage [var] 150ft VS (4c?,4a) second, lead: MW, WW
Mathias took a more direct (and harder) line to the first stance. Will followed up the original line.
Saddle Head: Sea Mist 90ft HS (4a) lead, second: WW, MW

4th May 1998 Flimston Bay, Range East, Pembroke
[Photo]Bow Shaped Slab 140ft HS (4a) lead, second: WW, MW
[Photo]Bow Shaped Corner 150ft HS (4b) lead, second: WW
The Gadfly 140ft VS (4c) second, lead: MW, second: WW

15th May 1998 Sea Walls, Avon Gorge, Bristol
Nightmare 160ft S (-,4a,-) lead, second: DG
Sleepwalk 210ft S (4a,-,4a) lead, second: DG

16th May 1998 Wintour's Leap, Wye Valley
Right Hand Route [var] 330ft HS (4b,4a,4b,4a,4b) alt lead: MB
We climbed the first pitch of Nibelheim and the semi-circular exit chimney.

27th May 1998 Stac An Eich, Loch Linnhe, Scotland
Heather Rib 25m VD lead, second: DG
Let down by a poor unstable vegetated finish (or maybe I was off route).
Appin Groove 10m HS lead, second: DG

29th May 1998 Buachaille Etive Mor, Glencoe, Scotland
January Jigsaw 85m S [4] lead, second: DG

7th June 1998 The Amphitheatre, Avon Gorge, Bristol
Giant's Cave Buttress 270ft VS (4c,-,4c) alt lead: PS

7th June 1998 Main Area, Avon Gorge, Bristol
Piton Route 200ft VS (4c,4a,4b) var lead: PS
Dawn Walk 210ft S (4a,-,-) alt lead: PS
Bob's Climb 100ft VD (-,-) alt lead: PS

30th/31st July 1998 Mont Aguille, Vercors, France
Voie Normale 500m PD (2/3) partners: SL,RL
We bivvied on the summit and woke up to a fast approaching lightning storm. We quickly gathered our gear up and abseiled down.

7th August 1998 Winterbourne Down, Bristol
I broke my right thumb in two places and ruptured a ligament in a cycling accident. This curtailed my climbing activities for the rest of the year.

Total Number of Routes  38
Total Length (m) 2,361
Total Length (ft) 7,742

The Partners

Partner Name # Routes Total Length
1. MB  Mark Bailey 9 506 m 1,660 ft
2. RL  Ruth Love 1 500 m 1,639 ft
3. SL  Simon Love 1 500 m 1,639 ft
4. WW  Will Wray 12 475 m 1,560 ft
5. DG  Dave Gee 7 400 m 1,313 ft
6. MW  Mathias Willerup 8 265 m 870 ft
7. PS  Paul Smith 4 237 m 780 ft

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