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Jim's Software

Last Updated: Wed Apr 04 16:09:55 BST 2012

Here's some software I've written - free for you to download and use. Don't say I've never given you anything.

Enigma Library (enigma.py)
A Python library of useful routines for solving New Scientist Enigma puzzles.

iTunes Script (itunes.py)
A script to export playlists from iTunes on Mac OS X.

Dice Emulator (dice.py)
A simple dice emulator.

An X11 applet for monitoring an Ascend Pipeline 50 ISDN Router.

How many times have you wanted to switch the resolution of your XFree86 session from the command line (or in a script)? Well, I've only wanted to do it once, and this is the program I wrote to do it.

(Hmmm... must get round to putting it all under the GPL... and learning how to package stuff with RPM... and how to use autoconf...).

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