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Jim's Tips: Elgato EyeTV

Last Updated: Fri Oct 07 22:41:49 BST 2005

Elgato EyeTV

Platform: Elgato EyeTV 1.8.2 / Apple Mac OS X 10.4.2

Enable Audio Only Channels in Elgato EyeTV for DTT

NOTE: EyeTV 1.8.3 now includes support for audio only channels.

I recently bought an Elgato EyeTV for DTT to turn my Apple PowerBook into a PVR device.

I was quite pleased with it, except for the fact that by default it didn't receive the audio only channels (such as BBC7).

Fortunately there is a way to enable this (although not through the graphical UI). To enable the receiving of audio only channels type this into a terminal:

defaults write com.elgato.eyetv "Add Audio-Only Services" -bool true

Then restart the EyeTV application, and re-scan for available channels.

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