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Macaroni Penguins: Set List - 11 Feb 2006

Kingswood Village Hall
11th February 2006

  1.   Keep Your Hands To Yourself [stop]
  2.   Hard To Handle [stop]
  3.   Stuck In The Middle With You [ending]
  4.   Not The Same Without You [stop]
  5.   Sit Down [stop]
  6.   Put Me Down [ending]
  7.   Future's So Bright [stop]
  8.   The Size Of A Cow [stop]
  9.   Back In The U.S.S.R. [stop]
  10.   My Little Sister [stupid ending + rock 'n' roll]
  11.   Generations [stop]
  12.   Cigarettes & Alcohol [rock 'n' roll]
  13.   Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) [ending]

  14.   One Step Beyond [slows, rock 'n' roll]
  15.   Sharp Dressed Man [stop or rock 'n' roll]
  16.   Take Your Mama [stop]
  17.   I'm A Believer [stop]
  18.   Mustang Sally [slows, stop]
  19.   Turning Japanese [ending]
  20.   Should I Stay Or Should I Go? [stop]
  21.   Jumping Jack Flash [rock 'n' roll + jump]
  22.   Vertigo [stop]
  23.   You Really Got Me [1,2,3 + rock 'n' roll]
  24.   Psycho Killer [stop]
  25.   Another Girl, Another Planet [stop]
  26.   Stepping Stone [stop]

Mark, Mike, Jim, Lizzie, Geraint

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